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What does a curious gal do with her eclectic tribe of Artists and Change-makers?  Deep dive!  Curious Cathy explores the wisdom and reflections of her beloved friends by using the "C" word... Connects!  So tune-in to be inspired by in-sights that are as diverse as her second favorite "C" word... Community!  

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Join long-time friends Cathy & Nancy on their adventures traveling around the world and around their homes - Cathy on the eastside and Nancy on the westside - both exploring the art of living on purpose. Connected Well-Being is also a collective sharing space to explore, create & celebrate self-transformation in Midlife.

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Cathy presented two live talks for the International Women Economic Forum:

  • Holistic Health & Wellness

  • Agriculture & Sustainable Technology

Stay tuned to see/hear more speaking engagements and  upcoming  talks in 2020 at WEF International Conferences.


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