• Cathy Selene Kay

From Centipede to Poo, Chicks Rule

This past weekend I saw my inspiring 8 year old cousin Nicholas at my mom's birthday dinner. His fascinating insights had me ditch the mindless chatter amongst the "adults" for his deep inquisitions on cosmic philosophy, time travel and so on. Switching back to this dimension for a moment he asked me what my favorite video game was. Feeling as ancient as I sounded I said it was Centipede by Atari.

At that he had no idea what I was talking about (finally) but he had heard of Atari at least. Then he asked me what a centipede was. "Imagine something between a scorpion and a caterpillar," I said. That led him to ask how one can tell the difference between a caterpillar's head and tail... "You know," he said, "since both ends are made to look identical for survival." Hmm, I thought, "Kind of like you pretending to be a newbie in this realm, little old man."

A few days later in a very deep, spiritual and shamanic healing session with one of my clients, I somehow managed to incorporate an Atari Centipede reference as a metaphor for something during the counseling - art imitating life imitating make-believe creating reality... I guess a visit to the arcade is in order. I promised I'd take Nicholas soon for his first time anyway, and to whoop his butt at Centipede.

Then, tonight while perusing YouTube's Vice channel, in came that creepy Big Brother in the cyber sky who cleverly anticipates my next viewing pleasures by monitoring everything I do (and think?!). So it recommended a certain video for me - which happened to be about Dona Bailey, the original game programmer of...Centipede!! And yes, a woman!

I quite despise that I was a bit surprised at first, not because she was the only female working for Atari back in 1980, but because 3 decades later gaming is still predominantly a dude's domain. Anyway here's the video for your girl-power pleasure:

On a somehow related note, the video I had just finished watching prior was about Korean Poo Wine, a medicinal drink made from human poo and preferably the poo from 4-7 year olds. Aside from having to look away at times to disengage my senses, I learned some interesting cultural history and was thoroughly entertained thanks to the sublime host/producer Yuka Uchiba. She dared to experience the magic of poo wine for herself and ultimately spared at least myself the curiosity to do the same. See the following link and why not try the ancient recipe yourself - it's only mind over (fecal) matter!

So what does this all mean? ...Centipede...fermented poo...brave women... A-ha! Here's today's reminders:

1.)  Synchronicity:  Watch for it, it's like a puzzle for you toward your growth and enlightenment.

2.)  Potent Natural Medicine:  Study the ancient ways to apply practically in your life today.

3.)  Regarding Dope Women and Cosmic Kids:  just listen, observe and learn from them. <3

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