• Cathy Selene Kay

Meditation Message

Indeed you are as free as an eagle in the sky. Freedom is the only cause worth fighting for

For freedom is the gate

Your mind is the lock.

Redefine your concept of time –

It is a vehicle, not an absolute –

It is an opportunity, not an obstacle.

Use it for structure and only that

As a positive influence on your architecture –

The creation of your desires.

Play with it, align with it like an ally – It is already on your side if you allow it.

You choose.

Keep open, soft, don’t rush –


Play with that…

Breathe –

Purge your worries Through your body, your sweat,

Breathe your way to freedom.

Love is an outward manifestation

Of your inner world –

All must begin within.

Create space to move, to play

To come together and share.

Envision a new world village –

You can create it anywhere you choose.

Relax your nerves to feel the answers.

You are dearly loved.

Copyright © 2019 Cathy Kay.  All Rights Reserved.