"Knocks it out of the park every time - a pure channel - effortlessly lets the wisdom flow, transcends the human resistance, helps you to see beyond the constructs of your mind and shift your perspective to what part your sub-conscious is really playing in your world. Many counseling sessions with Cathy and all just wonderful. I am quite intuitive myself so have a high standard too. She certainly goes above and beyond that standard."

- Leanne



"I have been in recovery from anorexia since 2008. I've been to many treatment programs and been under a strict meal plan since that time.

Cathy is a miraculous healer. The first time I met her was life-changing. Just being in her presence for the first time, my depression and low energy level disappeared - I was finally excited about life! No therapist I could ever dream of would ever go to such lengths to make me feel so good about myself. I have suffered from shyness and insecurity for years. Cathy has helped me eliminate the fears and has created a space for me to have so much more enriching and worthwhile opportunities.

It wasn't easy for me to get rid of my automatic negative thinking. But Cathy is so patient. Her optimism combined with her profound intelligence allows her to solve any problem I give her. I have never had that much confidence in anybody to help me solve my problems, but she can in one session! She will truly blow your mind.

My friends, family and recovery team, within a month of working with her could tell a difference in me, so much so that they said I could cut down on seeing them, as seeing Cathy was enough! Cathy is so generous with her time. She has so much energy, knowledge and profound wisdom. She is extremely funny and entertaining too! I admire her eagerness and ability to give so much to the client.

Although she has worked with many celebrities, she always makes you feel like you are the most important person. Indeed I feel like the luckiest girl in the world having met her. I have been to so many therapists over the years, and Cathy is the only one that has ever helped me reach my goals and to truly have confidence in myself. She truly was the best thing that ever happened to me. She is so genuine and caring. I not only have a dedicated therapist but a true friend. Go ahead and treat yourself! Expect to be Wowed!"

- Chantel M.


"I came to know Cathy nearly a decade ago through her work in the healing arts and holistic bodywork: A dear friend of mine, a respected English actor, was in the U.S. promoting a film. Unfortunately the tour was overshadowed by several weeks of him experiencing excruciating knee pain.


Meanwhile through referral he happened to book a session with Cathy for a general reading, never mentioning his knee nor showing evidence that he was unable to walk normally. At the end of the session Cathy asked if it was appropriate to close with some energy body work and he agreed. To his surprise she immediately gravitated towards his injured knee and began working to move the energy there and throughout his body. She then said goodbye and left.


A few days later my friend called to tell me of his miraculous recovery, that after 3 weeks of limping and intense discomfort, his knee pain was gone. It was apparent to myself and to colleagues of mine with whom she performed sessions for thereafter that Cathy possesses the fine gift of an acute intuitive sense that, coupled with her compassion and diplomacy, provides a healing and easy transitional space for people to choose their highest path towards wellness."

- Dr. Mark J.


"I had a hypnotherapy session with Cathy (lasting about 90 minutes). She is very skilled, and has a wonderful, calming energy which left me feeling very relaxed. Good work. I recommend her highly!"

- Cathy D.


"Cathy, I'm not sure how to even begin thanking you for the experience I had doing this workshop with you. Your energy is beautiful! It exudes warmth and strength which created an environment that welcomed all my desires to push through so many walls.


I had many significant personal and artistic breakthroughs in those few days we shared and will forever be grateful. I truly hope our paths cross again. Thank you for the love you send out to the world. It is felt!"

- Maureen P.


"From the start, Cathy's enthusiasm for my achievement and wellness was evident. She was thoughtful, caring, and capable. In addition, she was kind, but not a pushover; she was energetic, yet exhibited a sense of peace. In fact, her calm presence added an immediate credibility to my experience...


In my work as a special assistant to a California state senator, I encounter numerous constituents in various stages of crisis, and I see staff at the highest levels of government attempt to deal with them - and fail. Cathy possesses the resourcefulness and compassion that brings peace to people in distress, and allows for a successful transaction."

- Victoria K.



"I have had the extreme pleasure of working with Cathy. I have found her to be an extremely kind, considerate and motivated woman. She seems to call upon a deeply rooted internal faith in people and their ability to bring forward their inner strengths. In my moments of self-doubt, Cathy's compassion and knowledge have provided me with the support to carry on.

Cathy's love of life and true desire to serve, supported by a multi-faceted background make her ideal... I highly recommend Cathy."

- Nancy L.


"Cathy has been a wonderful coach and inspiration in helping me reach my goals in weight and proper nutrition. I cannot speak highly enough of her because she did such a spectacular job. Not only is she very knowledgeable in her field but also she has been such a pleasure to work with. She has a caring and compassionate approach, offering guidance and accountability as needed without judgment.


I am so happy with my result and I'm sure I owe it to the partnership-coaching relationship I had with Cathy. What a rewarding experience it has been to work with her!"

- Bonnie B.


"Cathy, I wanted to say that this past week was amazing! The way you taught the yoga sessions encourage me to take another step in my life. You were nurturing, thoughtful, challenging and creative. My body is responding by saying I want more of this!

I know down the road there will be more to come but in the meantime I wanted to say thank you... Janine also loved the way her body reacted to the sessions. So on behalf of myself and Janine WE want to say thank you!"

- Jernard B.


"Hey, just wanted to say I think your workshops are great. They are comfortable and fun. I think you have a gift at this and I hope you continue your work. You have so much to offer!"

- Tracey J.


"Beautiful. My experience with Cathy was joyful and beautiful."

- Daniel C.


"Thank you for your excellent work with my daughter. You have made a big difference in her life. She is lucky to have you. You are truly an amazing healer. Thanks again, Cathy Kay."

- Cathy V.


"Cathy has a depth I have not often witnessed in an intuitive counselor before. Many receive from the astral plane, some from the mental but it felt like Cathy was receiving from 'beyond the beyond'. Thank you for your gift, your insight and open perspective."

- Belinda


"I have had a few counseling sessions with Cathy and without exception they have been filled with insight, humour and empathy. She is non-judgemental and encourages your own intuitive abilities to answer your own question."

- Teresa


"Thank you. Cathy counseled with compassionate clarity. On the ball. Gave me clear answers. Highly recommend her."

- Anonymous


Cathy will answer all of your questions and put your mind at peace. Very soothing and beautiful."

- Mic


"Open, honest and easy to talk to, Cathy connected with me immediately and provided the information I needed. Thank you so much for sharing your skills and making your gifts available to me. You are a real treasure."

- Maria


"Again, thank you for another great session. You amaze me and set my mind at ease..."

- Meaghan

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