Intuitive Therapy


Energy Healing, Channeling & Counseling

Intuitive Therapy


A clear view awaits you!  Intuitive Therapy with Cathy Kay is a fusion of Spiritual and/or Existential Counseling, Intuitive Reading, Energy Channeling and various Energy Healing & Balancing techniques.


Cathy is a multi-generational intuitive reader and innate healer.  During your session she is tapped in to her higher consciousness, holding space for your highest truth and well-being.  She can then answer your personal questions by sharing exactly what is holding you back - Cathy is able to clearly see the highest path toward your goals right now by using her acute sense of in-sight.


Get crystal clarity on:  *  Relationships  *  Career  *  Prosperity  *  Blocks  *  Health  *  Life Decisions




Energy Healing


Speaking of being clear, it is true that only you can heal you, for you are the master of your destiny.  When you are out of balance, don't know where to begin or feel stuck, a skilled practitioner such as Cathy Kay can hold open the door, intuitively move energy and channel healing light through you, but with all healing it is you who chooses to walk through the door.  That door is love.

Cathy offers a variety of certified energy healing set-ups for you - from Master Reiki and Master Seichim (Japanese and Egyptian energy balancing) to powerful Shamanic, Tibetan and Native American sacred practices passed on from Cathy's lineage plus longtime study and practice with indigenous healing mentors.  Clarity and relief are yours to claim now.  Contact Cathy today to assist you!

"Knocks it out of the park every time - a pure channel - effortlessly lets the wisdom flow, transcends the human resistance, helps you to see beyond the constructs of your mind and shift your perspective to what part your sub-conscious is really playing in your world.  Many sessions with Cathy and all just wonderful.  I am quite intuitive myself so have a high standard, too.  She certainly goes above and beyond that standard."  -Leanne