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"Cathy is a miraculous healer.  I have been to so many therapists over the years, and Cathy is the only one that has ever helped me reach my goals and to truly have confidence in myself. 

She truly was the best thing that ever happened to me." 


Cathy Selene Kay, CHt, CYT

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TranceForm the Norm

Greetings!  A little about me...  I am grateful to be here from a lineage of Healers and Artists.  Work began early as a young professional in the Performing Arts while growing up in Los Angeles.  It was while also teaching Acting, Modeling, Image and Personal Development that a wildfire ignited within: 


The pure bliss I felt from guiding and inspiring authentic expression in Artists and Seekers alike was my own true self-expression.  So began a deep dive to learn how to be of greater service... The quest inevitably induced my own personal transformations along the way and I have much to share.

My collection of holistic tools gathered over two decades now have included Clinical Hypnotherapy, Yoga Therapy Rx, Relational Counseling, Master-Level Energy Healing, plus numerous other qualifications across Philosophy and Mind-Body Awareness.  

Half Vietnamese & half Greek, I was born American though conceived from the Vietnam War.  My bi-cultural upbringing fostered an immersion and respect for both Eastern and Western traditions of wellness.  From a lifetime of balancing opposites, I innately meld the practical and the profound in my consulting practice today.

I invite you to Stay In-Tune with me here as we continue to reveal our curiosities and shape them toward the greater good.  Thank you for connecting and courageously choosing your own adventure.  ~ck

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